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Irv's Jewelry, Rocks & Gifts. Spokanes #1 Lapidary Supply Shop
Nominated For Best
Arts and Crafts 2012

Welcome to Irv's Jewelry, Rocks & Gifts.

           Spokanes #1 Lapidary Supply Shop.



We are a "Supercharged" Hobby Store for Rock Hounds, Gem Collectors and Jewelry Makers. Because we are also, a fully operating Lapidary, Gem Cutting, Jewelry Store and Rock Shop we can turn your Found Treasures into Prized pieces by cutting and Polishing your Gems or creating "One of a Kind" Jewelry. We are equally Passionate about helping others learn about Rocks and Creating Jewelry.

If you visit our store you will find plenty of Books and DVD's, as well asTools,Equipment and Lapidary Supplies you might need. We have a great selection of Gold & Silver Jewelry in stock.   We carry 1000's of Beautiful Rocks and Gems and have a great in-store coffee bar called "Java Rocks" Come in and Explore the Possibilities!


 Irv's "Creating Treasures from the Ground Up"