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Gold Panning Kit

• 1Pc Sifting Pan(Mesh Size: 1/2”, Wire Thickness: 1.4mm)
• 1Pc 10″ Gold Pan, Dual Riffles(3″ x 1/4″ Deep Riffles, Micro Riffles), Plastic Body, Green Color
• 1Pc 10″ 14” Gold Pan ,Dual Riffles (3 x 1/4” Deep Riffles, Micro Riffles). Plastic Body, Green Color
• 1Pc 5x Tweezer With Magnifier, Glass Lens, Plastic
• 1Pc 8.1/4″ Plastic Snifter Bottle For Gold Panning, 4 FL Oz
• 2 Pc Glass Vials

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