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About Us

Irv’s Jewelry, Rocks & Gifts is a unique rock and gem shop. The business started about a half-century ago when Irv Pils, a carpenter temporarily idled by a work injury, bought an old faceting machine, moved it to the basement of his small house, and taught himself the art of precision gem-cutting.

Irv and Diana Pils

Irv and Diana Pils

He quickly gained a reputation for excellence, producing high-quality cut gemstones avidly sought by many clients, including established jewelers. His gem business, combined with his collection of beloved rocks and rock hobby supplies, rapidly expanded. In 1980, at the urging of his family, he moved the business to a full-service shop on East Trent Avenue in Spokane Valley, Washington.

Today, Irv’s daughter Elizabeth (“Liz”) and her husband Dave proudly continue Irv’s legacy. Liz grew to appreciate rocks from her father, unearthing some rich blue sapphires on one of her family’s many field expeditions, resulting in a stunningly beautiful ring she proudly wears. Learning the gem trade from her father, Liz cut her first cabochon at the age of 9 and faceted her first gemstone at the age of 13. Now, 35 years later, Liz, like her late father, is regarded as one of Spokane’s premier gem cutters, sought by personal clients and professional jewelers alike. Teamed with Dave, an avid stone collector and experienced jewelry designer, Irv’s shop continues to offer exceptional quality gem cutting and custom jewelry design, plus a diverse selection of crystals, minerals, and rocks from around the world, together with books, equipment and tools necessary to find, collect, polish, cut or display rocks and stones for enthusiasts or hobbyists at all levels of experience.

Liz and Dave fletcher

Liz and Dave Fletcher

Liz and Dave are committed to preserving Irv’s legendary reputation for friendly, reliable service and quality products at affordable prices. They also strive to educate the community on the fun and joy of jewelry, rocks, gems and other stones, believing that gem and mineral collecting provides one of the most diverse and relaxing hobbies available to persons of all backgrounds. Irv’s shop offers many ways to learn about rocks and gems, including classes and demonstrations. They are honored to serve a growing clientele and eagerly welcome new patrons –– adults and children alike –– to introduce the pleasures of seeking and evaluating the Earth’s sublime, hidden treasures.