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Custom Designed Jewelry

We create custom jewelry using a variety of styles and techniques. Pictured to the right are computer renderings we were able to provide our clients before casting their custom designs.  This is such a great tool for giving a person a true feel for what they will end up with.  Irv’s works with gold, silver, and platinum, we have thousands of loose gemstones, finished and ready to come alive in a piece designed especially for you.  Do you have old pieces you might not wear anymore or precious sentimental jewelry that isn’t your style?  We could talk about re-designing them into something that you will be able to enjoy as much as you cherish!  Getting married?  Couples come to us for hand-crafted one-of-a-kind sets.  We have created wedding rings with everything from sapphires to meteorites with diamonds. Stop by and see what we can do with your treasures.

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Jewelry Repair and Restoration

From normal wear and tear to bigger issues, we can help you. Stop by and let’s evaluate the situation, it’s a good idea to have your jewelry checked every 6 to 8 months for prong wear, cracked or worn bands, loose stones or any number of conditions. It’s always free for us to take a look!.

In-Store Faceting

 We carry a large variety of finished stones as well as faceting rough. We are great at matching stones for replacement. We also offer gemstone repair and re-polishing. Colored stone jewelry is loved, so it get’s worn alot. Over time colored stones can begin to show wear and tear, we can usually fix that by re-polishing the crown of your gem, losing very little material so that it can be set right back into the jewelry it came from. Contact us for estimate and shipping instructions.

In Store Cabochon Cutting

We are a fully operating lapidary shop and “cabbing” and “inlay” work are popular services we offer. We have over 40 years experience cutting gems and work on everything from agates to precious opal. Being a “stones” throw away from Idaho, we cut a great many idaho star garnets as well. If you haven’t gone “Garnet hunting” at Emerald creek…you should and that’s all we’re saying.

Oversea’s Stone Cutting

This is a wonderful option for your smaller, or semi-precious materials. The stones turn out beautiful and it’s so affordable. Save your money for the gold or silver you decide to put them in.  Please contact us before shipping stones for more information.