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Easy to use Diamond Band Saw

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Diamond Band Saw

If you’re looking to cut free-form shapes this is the machine for you.

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Are you in search of a tool that can assist you in making the most intricate and precise cuts on various shapes, including free-forms, organic curves, inside curves, mosaics, stained glass pieces, and more? If that's the case, then the Diamond Band Saw is the ultimate solution for you.
Equipped with a powerful 1/6th hp, 115v permanent magnet DC motor, this tool offers variable speed control, allowing you to adjust the speed from 800rpm to 3,400rpm.

Not only that, but the coolant system ensures a continuous flow of clean water to the saw blade, keeping it lubricated throughout the sawing process. This results in uninterrupted, precise cuts.

The Diamond Band Saw is a robust, durable, and precise tool that comes in a compact design, making it ideal for use in small workshops. Additionally, it includes a one-year warranty, which assures you of its quality and gives you peace of mind while using this exceptional tool.

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