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Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs


Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs profiles more than 140 prehistoric animals and features fossils, skeletons, anatomy, and history as well as species including dinosaurs on land, winged pterosaurs in the sky, and a range of sea monsters in the ocean. Find out what they looked like, where they lived, how they ate, and about the fossils they’ve left behind and their relatives that still roam the Earth today.

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Do you love dinosaurs? Are you fascinated by their anatomy, history and the world they lived in? Then Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs is the perfect book for you! With more than 140 profiles of prehistoric animals, this book takes you on a journey through time to discover these incredible creatures. From the mighty T-Rex to the fearsome Velociraptor, you'll learn about their size, appearance, habitat, and diet.

But that's not all! Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs also features fossils, skeletons, and information about their relatives that still roam the Earth today. Discover the winged pterosaurs that once ruled the skies and the sea monsters that swam in our oceans. You'll be amazed at the diversity of life that once existed on our planet.

Whether you're a seasoned dinosaur enthusiast or just starting to explore this fascinating field, Pocket Genius: Dinosaurs is a must-have book for your collection. Get ready to be transported back in time and discover the incredible world of dinosaurs!

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