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8″ Slant Cabber

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Slant Cabber lap machine is a uniquely angled, flat lap machine. Grind, smooth, and polish rocks

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Slant Cabber lap machine is a uniquely-angled, flat lap machine. Grind, smooth and polish rocks and minerals to make free-form shapes and cabochons for necklaces, earrings, rings and other jewelry pieces. Create flats for larger pieces or on the backs of cabochons. It’s also well-suited for polishing a large variety of natural and synthetic gem material, enamels and metals. The unique, angled design provides improved visibility and allows you to sit while you work instead of standing.
Items Included:
180# electroplated diamond lap
325# brown diamond smoothing disc
600# red diamond smoothing disc
1,200# blue diamond smoothing disc
Tech-11 polishing pad
2-gram 14,000# diamond paste syringe
Four acrylic backing plates

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