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Snake Oil Diamond extender fluid


A must for gem cutting reduces heating and friction.

Snake Oil Diamond extender fluid
Gem cutting requires precision and care in order to create beautiful and valuable gems. One important aspect of gem cutting is the use of a product that can reduce heat and friction, making the cutting process easier and more efficient. This product must also be able to clean lap deposits and buildup, which can accumulate during the cutting process and affect the quality of the final product. Additionally, it is important for the product to prevent adhesion of swarf to the lap, as this can also impact the quality of the finished gem.

Furthermore, the product needs to be easily removable from the stone, so as not to damage the gem during the final stages of cutting. And finally, the product must not attack common dop adhesives, as these are often used to attach the gem to the dop stick during the cutting process. Overall, a must-have product for gem cutting is one that can reduce heat and friction, clean lap deposits, prevent swarf adhesion, and does not harm dop adhesives.

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