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Sumatran Amber Pear Cabochon


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Sumatran Amber Pear Cabochon
The dimension of this cabochon is 48 x 34mm.

1 in stock

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A very special feature of Sumatran Blue Amber is its natural fluorescence. In many cases the fluorescence is observable under normal light; it is of course much more intense under UV light. Sumatra Amber is found on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, and is one of the rare forms of Amber that have ultraviolet properties, meaning they fluoresce blue in natural UV light. This special material can be found in a range of color from white, cognac, lion’s mane and even violet and black.
Sumatran Amber is a type of Glessite, which is different from Succinite, the Baltic Amber that comes from Pinetree sap. The term Glessite refers to the type of tree that originally produced the resin. In the case of Sumatran Amber Glessite, it comes from an extinct evergreen tropical leaf-tree related to Dipterocarpaceae. The age of the Amber is estimated to be around 20-40 million years, specifically from the Tertiary period.

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