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Exquisite Rhodonite Slab


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The exquisite Rhodonite Slab measures approximately 8″ x 8″. (The slab is wet for the photo)

1 in stock

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Rhodonite is an exquisite and rare type of Manganese oxide, which is a popular choice for lapidary enthusiasts. It is highly prized for its unique and breathtaking pink or bubblegum coloration, which is further enhanced by striking black iron hematite veins that run through it. When polished, it exhibits a lustrous shine that brings out its exceptional beauty, making it a favorite among artisans who create stunning cabochons out of it. Throughout history, Rhodonite has been used as a decorative or carving stone due to its remarkable appearance. Humans have always been drawn to its stunning beauty, which has been appreciated for centuries.

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